NOrmal LIFE / work in progress
IT  / DE

A woman and a man lead a normal life.
They live, work, argue, dance and dream together the same dream.
Their universe is their workplace. Everything around them is big, and yet everything is normal for them.
How does it feel to be in a body that is 117 cm tall?
What desires do they have or have they given up to have?
With the end of 40, the certainty is that at the angle of view to the standard world nothing will change.
If you want to take part in this world, you will always have to put your head in the back of your neck in order to look upwards.
An upward directed look in the eyes of those who look down.
Those who have the privilege of meeting people on their own size.
Dance, movement and images give us an insight into the hidden intimate world of two people who have greatness in themselves. Beyond enlightened self-representation, they show us the absurd and beautiful sides of the other.
In a surreal world full of contrasts and contradictions
They encounter the harsh reality.

An old large painting plays a central role. The painting depicting a young woman becomes a projection surface of desires and fantasies for the little man as well as for the little woman.
Normal Life, Sebastiano Toma, Roland Hofer, Irene Hofer, Lea Prinz,  Heart, Lise Pauton, Little Big WOrld, Tiger Lillies, Ruth Toma, Himmel Über Berlin, Wings of Desire,
A visual dance theater by and with Irene Hofer & Roland Hofer and an animated painting.

70 minutes without break


Presentation / Dance - Irene Hofer
Presentation / Dance - Roland Hofer
Woman in the painting – Lea Prinz
Book / Director - Sebastiano Toma
Choreography- Sofia Spyratou
Assistance - tba
Off Voices Paintings-
German/English-Lea Prinz
Italian-Michela Marrazzi

Premiere:  October/November 2017

Sebastiano productions hamburg -

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